Welcome to
Waldo's web site.

Over 15 years have passed since I wrote the following. I am now in semi-retirement and not accepting new customers. God bless.

2005 marks Waldo's Printing's 40th year of business... and a lifestyle change!

Waldo's is moving! We had originally planned to scale back operations and move back home in 5 to 10 years as a "retirement hobby"... there's an old saying that once you have "printer's ink in your blood...".

Anyway, a number of recent events have led us to make the decision to move this timetable up to the present. I started printing in Grade 5 and most of the first 15 years were done at home. Now we're returning to our roots. Hopefully this will give us an opportunity to enjoy relaxed days off (presently, due to deadlines, we work virtually every long weekend and then "man" the storefront Monday to Friday even though there is often little to do during the weekdays... much better to do things around the yard or go for a hike or bike ride.)

I plan to be printing for many years to come, and would be pleased to help you with your printing needs. As always, Waldo's will continue to specialize in simple black and spot colour printing. (I recently started "playing around" with full colour digital printing, on up to 12"x35" card stock... if you need some colour printing in very short runs.)

The phone number remains the same at 604-263-4444.

My email is ewald@telus.net

We're still in the Dunbar and 41st area... just give us a call to make an appointment to make sure we're in and not out "taking a hike".

The best to everyone in 2005 and beyond!

Ewald Jr.